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This video is a selection of fetishes from all of our videos. Pissing, farting, fissting, femdom, gaping, banana in the ass, whipped cream in the anal and other kinky stuff. The length of this video is two and a half hours. We also included almost all cumshots in this compilation. The length of each fragment is from 20 seconds to a minute. In this collection, we have collected over 150 videos.

"FUNNY PRANK - Milk Enema at her cute face during fucking!"

Justin comes home and sees Emily lying on the floor. At first, he does not understand what happened, and then he realizes that she is just after the party. He decides to play a trick on her, takes off his pants and shoots a stream of whipped cream directly at her. When Emily wakes up, she thinks it's cream from a bottle and invites him to have sex with her. During sex, Justin shoots cream and bananas out of his asshole one more time. And at the end, Emily jerks off his cock while he empties his stomach twice in front of her. For all lovers of dirty sex, taboo violations and taboo topics! This is a crazy couple! You won't find anything like it!

"Bananas and Cream in each other's ass!"

First, the girl shoves bananas up the guy's ass. Then the guy shoves bananas up Emily's ass. Then they stuff each other's asses with whipped cream. And get rid of them during the kiss. Then they repeat everyone and Emily of Justin's cock, until just before orgasm he shoots out everything that fills his stomach. And at the end, some amateur enema to empty Emily's stomach.

"Mistress and her Fucked Slave at home!"

The mistress comes home and checks her slave. She checks that the chastity belt is fastened on his cock - after all, he is a slave. And today the mistress has a gift for the slave - a huge dildo with which she will fuck the slave without removing the chastity belt. She makes him fuck a dildo on all fours, then enjoys him fucking a dildo while sitting. Then she puts him on the bed and fucks the dildo until his hole is completely open. Then she fucks him with a strap-on while lying on the bed and at the end, having thrust the strap-on into his ass, she allows him to cum!

"Sensual homemade massage for cock and balls with slow orgasm"

Emily Candys & Justin Sweetsun. The girl massages the guy ass, jerks off his cock and fucks his prostate. But she continues to jerk him off and he cums for the second time! You can watch a free video from one angle or download a video from three angles from the link below.

"Epic Double Male Ograsm!"

Emily Candys & Justin Sweetsun. The girl massages the guy ass, jerks off his cock and fucks his prostate. But she continues to jerk him off and he cums for the second time!

"One dildo for two holes!"

Guys use double dildos to learn about double anal pleasure. They fuck each other without using their hands. Ass to ass. The guy does it in a chastity belt. And they do it in different poses. In the end, the girl sits on a dildo inserted into the guy's ass from above, takes off his chastity belt and jerks off his penis by fucking a dildo in his ass. In the end, she directs the cock into the guy's mouth and they enjoy a selfie cumshot!

"He cums twice in a row from her hands!"

Emily Candys & Justin Sweetsun. The guy and the girl masturbate with their asses turned to the camera. And then the girl jerks off the guy in an unusual position.

"Pee first, then I'll suck"

It's time for a fun blowjob. The guy pisses into the girl's mouth, and then lets her suck the dick. And in the end he ends up on her face and mouth. And of course she continues to lick his cock.

"Real couple having sex - blowjob, POV fucking, cum on tits!"

Emily Candys & Justin Sweetsun. Dating this crazy couple is always interesting. Today they met for some hot sex! First, Emily sucks his cock while caressing her pussy. Then he fucks her in various positions. And then you can enjoy a great first-person view!

"Cock for pissing, ass for fucking."

The girl puts a chastity belt on the guy and starts playing with his ass. She takes a huge dildo and starts fucking him with it. Twice the guy begs her to let him pee. And she holds his cock while she pees. Then she goes on destroying his ass again. And at the end she puts on a strap-on to fully enjoy his ass!

"Senstive massage for her Boyfriend"

A video from our favorite series of prostate massages. The girl loves to play with his ass, cock and balls. She slowly and unhurriedly massages him, sometimes sticking her fingers into his hole. Sometimes she strokes his cock and balls, and then jerks off while fucking his ass. Incredibly powerful orgasm.

"She sucks off trying to fist him"

The girl takes off the shorts from the guy and tries to stick her hand in his ass. She likes to feel him from the inside while his cock is in her mouth. She does it more actively and actively. They do it in different positions. Until the guy starts to cum and the girl catches his sperm with her mouth.


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