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- Do you have any free videos I can watch?
-Yes, most of our videos, including the ones you see above, are absolutely free here.

- Can I somehow support you and help you with something?
- We will be very happy if you support us and we can improve the quality of our films. You can do this on our official PornHub account. You can tip us. Even if you send us 5-10 $, we will be very pleased. Or you can buy our paid videos.

- How can I write you my wishes or thanks?
- You can write to us in private messages on PornHub. Or you can mention us on Twitter. In all other social. networks, we are happy to answer in the comments. Please only write in English. You can use a Google translator. You can see a list of our social media accounts here.

- I want you to make a video especially for me, but I'm shy. Can you do it?
- Of course, we will gladly shoot a video for you with your imagination. We do not have many topics that we do not shoot videos on: sex underwater, playing with hot and cold objects, sex without a condom, creampie. We will be happy to film any other fetish for you, no matter how strange it may seem to us. Do not be shy. To order our video, just follow the link and click "CREATE A CUSTOM VIDEO"

- I want to repeat what you repeat in the video. How safe is it?
- There are several nuances here. The use of food in sex always carries a certain risk. But you can lower it by following some rules. For example, you don't need to use food that is too cold or hot. Maybe if you love real extreme and thrills you will think about ice cream in your ass ... But you should know that it is very unsafe. Even if it seems to you that you do not feel anything special. If you have little experience with this and want to start, try starting with a banana, which you will warm with your hand. Take your time and use lubricant if necessary. Next, you can taste the small seedless grapes. And remember that if you feel uncomfortable, you better stop. Remember that in an agitated state, the person may not feel pain. And objectively assess your capabilities, do not stick in hard fruits that are larger than your dildo. And it's over, do not forget to wash your food well with boiling water.

- I want to try pissing with my partner. How can I prepare for this?
- You want your urine to have a minimum of unpleasant odor or taste so that you can concentrate on the process, not the taste. To do this, start drinking warm water a couple of hours before your date. Don't drink too much at one time. You need to go to the toilet several times. After that, you will be tempted to pee more often. Continue drinking water and writing until your urine is completely clear. If this is the first time your partner has such an experience, then try your urine before that yourself to make sure it tastes and smells. If your partner is very afraid of this, but wants to, try peeing on your hand and then licking it, showing him that there is nothing to worry about.And then enjoy. If you are trying this for the first time, then it is better to do it in the shower, hugging, kissing and peeing on each other from below. Also, do not forget to masturbate, because during arousal this process is much more pleasant.

- How do I get my partner to do the extreme things that you do?
- This is a very difficult question and a lot depends on your partner. Do not persuade him or beg him. Start small. If you want your girlfriend to fuck you. Just start by placing her hand below your balls while masturbating. And move on each time. Much depends on your relationship. How much you trust each other and how you communicate with each other. If you are sure that your girlfriend will understand you, just tell her about it. Tell me you want to try it. You can show her our videos. Your partner should feel like you know what you are talking about. If you yourself are not sure, if you yourself are shy, then your partner will do the same. Try your fantasies with yourself. Figure it out as you want, as it pleases you. And then offer to help you your partner. And if you have a calm, trusting relationship, the rest is a matter of time. The main thing is not to be shy yourself. Shyness is contagious. And always start slowly.

- You shoot a video to order. But I'm afraid my fantasies are too dirty.
- Do not be afraid. We shoot everything. From vommit, piss and stingray, to dirty words and slaps. Any of your dirtiest fantasy can come true. Sometimes we get very strange videos. Really weird. But in each we found something interesting, something that we had never tried before. And we always try to do as well as possible so that the person who ordered the video does not just like it, but he can finish and preferably many times.

- Can I ask you to shoot a video without money.
- Of course, you can write us any wishes. But since we are filming everything in order, we cannot promise that it will be fast. If you order a video, we will make it a maximum of 7 days.

- Why aren't you filming classic sex?
- We ourselves really love to watch porn and it seems to us that there is too much classic sex on the Internet and very little unusual. Therefore, we try to bring something creative, interesting, sometimes strange to the porn industry, but at the same time exciting many people.

- Can I meet with you?
- Very often we are asked this question. And when you ask a person about where he lives, he answers: "In the USA." Unfortunately, in many countries where people write to us, we simply do not physically visit. And of course, we don't have sex for money. We want to make kinky films because before that we were shooting commercials. This is why we don't use webcams. We are also interested in the filming process itself. Therefore, we are unlikely to be able to meet with someone. Because we are physically far away.

- Do you need financial assistance and for what?
- Yes, we really want to set up a large studio and buy a good video camera. If you want this to happen faster, you can support us with a tip on our PornHub page.

- Why do I like your videos, even though they are weird at times?
“Perhaps you're just wondering what it would be like if people were doing something strange. This is normal.

- Why can't you reply to private messages on Twitter and Instagram?
- Unfortunately, private messages are very time consuming, which we better spend creating a new video. But we always reply in the comments. Even if you ask a question under our videos on various sites. Of course, our videos are on hundreds of sites, but we only respond to those to which we have direct access. The list of sites we reply to in the comments can be seen here.

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